Creepers, are green, hostile mobs that explode. If you go into the range of Creepers, which is 16 blocks away, to be exact, they will begin to follow you and when they are close enough to you, they will start to hiss, flash white and inflate until they finally explode, leaving a crater in their wake. When they do flash white, you have 1.5 seconds before they explode. However, you can escape this if you get four blocks away from the Creeper. They will stop the countdown and continue chasing you. If killed, the creeper will drop 0-2 gunpowder. They do not drop gunpowder if the creeper blows up itself. They don't always drop gunpowder, hence 0-2. If a creeper is killed by a Skeleton's Arrow, it will drop a music disc.


The creeper's only attack is to explode, this however makes it an only 'one use mob'. A Creeper starts chasing you if you are within 16 blocks of it.


A bow should be your first choice of weapon. However, if you are fast enough, it is possible to hit a creeper with a sword without it blowing up on you. To do this, hit it, then step back. Make sure you are a reasonable distance from anything important in case it blows up on you. Bows can be your savior if Creepers take you on in groups. Creepers can easily follow you for a long time if you're traveling in a straight line at night or if you don't see them during the day. Make sure to look behind you frequently for creepers, especially at night.


  • Creepers do not burn in daylight, similar to spiders, Endermen and Slimes.
  • Creepers can see you 16 blocks away and will not stop following you if you run away unless you find a hiding spot.
  • You can ignite a creeper using Flint and Steel.
  • When a Creeper gets struck by lightning, It turns into a Charged Creeper.
  • Creepers don't have much on the defensive, so fighting them is actually relatively simple, if you know what you're doing.