Mobs are hostile/peaceful/nuetral entites that are in Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition.


  • Skeleton: A Skeleton is a mob that has a bow and arrow.
  • Creeper: A Creeper is a green mob with 4 legs. It sneaks up to the player, and detonates after a charge, dealing damage.
  • Spider: Crawls towards the player, dealing contact damage. Can also climb up walls
  • Enderdragon: A boss mob, flying towards the player dealing contact damage and knocking them back. It is healed by Ender Crystals.
  • Witch: Throws a variety of potions, including harming, slowness and poison potions.
  • Wither: A boss mob, shooting explosive skulls at the player and any non-undead mob nearby. Inflicts the wither debuff and slowly heals over time
  • Slime: A mob that comes in a variety of sizes. Bounce towards the player slowly, and split into smaller sizes upon death.
  • Ghast: A large floating ghost-like mob that shoots exploding fireballs at the player. The fireballs can break weak materials and leave fire.
  • Magma Cube: A fire version of the slime, acting identically. Does more damage and can jump higher
  • Wither Skeleton: A variant of the skeleton only found in the nether. Uses a stone sword to attack, and inflicts the wither debuff