Sheep are Passive Mobs that are two blocks long and 1.75 blocks tall, therefore, they can't get through spaces less than two blocks tall.

Shears can be used to shave a Sheep's Wool off, giving the player 1-3 wool. The sheep will then look bare. The wool grows back when the sheep consumes the grass on a grass block. Adult Sheep drop 0-1 blocks of wool upon death while babies drop none. It is much more practical to shear a sheep than to kill it.

Sheep can be dyed using different Dyes. If sheared or killed after being dyed, they'll drop the color of wool they are. They can be breed by feeding them Wheat. They will spawn a baby sheep. The baby sheep will be one of the parents color.


  • They will follow wheat.
  • Wool is the only thing a sheep drops.
  • White is the most common color͵ while darker colors are rarer. Pink sheep are very rare. Other colors are dyed.
  • Baby Sheep cannot be sheared.
  • Sheep can be placed on minecarts.
  • Baby sheep can be fed wheat but won't enter love mode.
  • They eat grass, when eaten dirt will be shown.