A squid.

Squids are passive mobs, and live in the water. When killed, they drop 1-3 ink sacs and 1-3 Experience Orbs.


Squids can only spawn in water and at any light level.


Squids will aimlessly swim around, with an animation showing their tentacles opening and closing, to show swimming. Squids are not attracted to light, and will not interact with the player at all. If attacked, a squid will attempt to swim away.


  • Squids are the only mobs living in the water.
  • Squids are the only non-hostile mobs that can spawn without grass.
  • Because squids can spawn in any light level, they can sometimes spawn in caves or wells.
  • Squids suffocate when out of water.
  • Squids can't swim in lava, they merely fall to the bottom and suffocate.
  • Squids look more like octopuses than actual squids.
  • Squids can not be injured from hitting their tentacles.
  • Squids are the only mob in Minecraft without a unique dying animation.
  • Squids in real life have 6 tentacles, whilst in Minecraft they have 8.