Water is the most common liquid block. When it is allowed to flow freely, it flows seven blocks horizontally from its source, but can flow downward infinitely. When water hits still Lava, the lava block is turned into Obsidian. On the other hand, when flowing water hits flowing lava, Cobblestone is created, whereas when still water is touched by flowing lava, Stone is created. Players can utilize this to make Cobblestone or Obsidian generators, and make their own blocks. Water also affects the player's movement by making the player move significantly slower


If the player is underwater, they will also mine slower unless they have the Aqua Affinity enchantment on their helmet if they are wearing one. They also have a water bar, showing 10 bubbles. A bubble will go disappear about once every second. Once there aren't any bubbles left, the player's health bar will be affected.